What were you doing at the end of the sidewalk?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Wally Armstrong on the phone this week. Wally is a former touring golf professional and uses golf to help people understand life. However, his preschool aged grandchildren may be teaching him more than a golf game could.

Wally shared the story of his two twin grandchildren, Brooke and Parker learning to ride a two-wheeled bike. They were crashing and falling. One child is a crier and the other a pouter. As the crier was on the ground, the pouter was down the sidewalk with his head hung down for a long time. As he stood back up, he got on his bike and pedaled with ease all the way back to his sister. When asked, What were you doing at the end of the sidewalk?Parker explained, “I was praying for Jesus to help me ride my bike, and now I can ride.” Then he asked his sister, “Do you want me to pray for you? Jesus can help you ride a bike too.”

My Bike on the sidewalk

My Bike on the sidewalk

Can life really be that easy? You talk to Jesus, and then He helps you? For Wally’s grandchild, it was that easy. As adults we often complicate things. We keep trying things on our own, and when we fail, we blame others or we give up. Some of us have a hard time asking for help. We think we need to do everything ourselves. We feel guilty asking friends for help and we certainly don’t want to bother any higher power with our little life. We suffer in silence, and we miss the joy of riding a bike down a sidewalk for the first time.

I love that this child used his faith and then also wanted to share it with his sister. If you have something that is wonderful, it is always best to share. You can do great things when you ask Jesus for help, and then you can pass it on by helping others. I can only imagine this cycle being repeated over and over again as more and more people gain power in asking for help. It is often in asking for help that we gain our real strength. It is then that we can ride down the sidewalk of life with a proud smile on our faces.

  • When was the last time you asked a friend for help with something?
  • What do you do when friends don’t show up to help you?
  • If you believe in Jesus, how can you encourage the little sisters in the world to trust in Jesus when they feel like giving up and crying?
  • What will you do when you get to the end of your sidewalk?
  • Imagine sitting next to your bike. What would you like to ask Jesus? (He just may be listening just like he was for Wally’s grandson!)

“I have played alone for too long. On the golf course and in life, I have not let anyone be a caddy for me.” Wally Armstrong, taken from his book The Mulligan.  Check out more of Wally’s books and thoughts. Also check his story out at a free presentation at a Lifetree Cafe near you the week of June 9th. 2013. Lifetree Cafe: Could a conversation with God change your life?

The Power of Preschoolers can change your life…..if we let it.

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