What is your favorite pet?

I asked a preschooler, “What is your favorite pet?” . He said, “A rabbit is best because when you get tired of it you can eat it.”

Rabbit playing at school

Rabbit playing at school

Preschoolers can be very practical. They can become extremely attached to things that adults do not have much value in. They can love a shirt that they need to wear everyday. They can adore a toy and want to take it with them in the car. They can become obsessed with a stuffed animal and need to sleep with it and bring it to school. Then the same preschooler can talk about eating his rabbit if need be.  Permanence is not the same in preschoolers’ mind as in adults’.

Preschoolers can love anything and in the same token they are not always attached to what adults would think important and meaningful. We each have our own values, and we do not have to understand each other. We can look at a preschooler as immature, but do we also look at adults that way as well?

Adults can be just as varied as a preschooler. Some adults LOVE their car and their phone and their stereo. They seemingly take better care of their motorcycle than their spouse.  Some adults LOVE their pets and would do anything they could imagine for them. Other adults look at a pet as a nuisance that you put up with. They could not ever see the value or fun in a motorcycle. They look at a stereo as a way to play background noise. They view a phone as something that annoys them while in a store. They look at a car as a way to get to work.

Adults as well as preschoolers do not see eye to eye on the value of things we own. Maybe children are not as different from adults as we think. Rabbit meat is all white meat that is lower in cholesterol than chicken or turkey and has the highest percentage of protein and the lowest percentage of fat of ANY meat. Even though the average American has not tried rabbit does not mean it should be discounted. Even if we do not embrace other people’s opinions, maybe we can learn from them if we remain open to differences.

  • What favorite object in your life would you really miss if it left you?
  • How would most of your friends value that object?
  • What things in your life have changed value at different times?
  • Will you take some time to think about how and why people have different values to objects or pets  and how you could honor them?

Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.  ~R.E. Shay

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