“Why would a farmer plant pumpkins in all that mud?”

We were on a field trip to the pumpkin farm on a wet day, and I asked a preschooler, “Why would a farmer plant pumpkins in all that mud?” He looked out at the field and said, “Because orange is a beautiful color!”

The Beauty of Orange

The Beauty of Orange

My preschool classes were all invited to ride a wagon out to the field to get a pumpkin. Some of the parents did not want go on the wagon ride for fear of the mud from the recent rain. Mud is messy. Mud is dirty. Mud gets stuck to shoes and clothes. The preschoolers only saw the beauty in the fields. The bright orange pumpkins for as far as their eyes could see were a beautiful sight. The mud did not bother them. Mud can even be fun if you have the right boots. I wondered how often we concentrate on the mud and miss the beauty that comes out of it and the joy we can have while walking through it.

Preschoolers don’t have to focus on the brown mud. They can focus on the orange beauty. Preschoolers are able to look right past that mud and not get discouraged by it. There is a lot to be said for looking past mess and dirt to see the beauty.

Orange is beautiful as is a preschooler

Orange is beautiful.

  • What in your life is looking very muddy and messy to you right now?
  • Have you experienced a time when beauty grew from a dirty place?
  •  Have you had a time when a messy situation could still be fun?
  • Will you look for something orange today and rest in its beauty for a moment?

“Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars.”

Fredrick Langbridge

As this is being posted, the Chicago Bears just won a game in overtime in the muddiest game I have seen. I am thinking the fans are not too concerned about some mud on the orange uniforms.  If you are a Bear’s fan, you believe in the true beauty in the color orange.


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