Have you ever seen a “Baby on Board” sign?

I was talking about signs with a preschooler, and I asked, “Have you ever seen a sign on a car that said “Baby on Board”?”  The boy thought for a moment and said, “I wish my baby sister could learn to snow board. She just sits in a boring car seat ”

"Baby on Board"

“Baby on Board”

Preschoolers do not set expectations like adults. They are able to visualize babies snow boarding. They are able to visualize grandfathers doing kick flips on a skateboard. They are able to visualize mothers actually enjoying making race car noises as they play with their cars.

Adults lose their ability to visualize the improbable. Our analytical minds know that babies will not be riding snowboards anytime soon. However, adult minds need to keep the analytical part while still holding onto the preschooler portion that know no limits. Great inventions come from minds that have no limit. New fashion styles come from minds that do not repeat familiar concepts. New music comes from the same notes rearranged in ways that no one else has ever thought of. Snowboarding tricks come from minds that see beyond the normal.

Sage Kotsenburg just brought home the first US gold medal in slopestyle. His run had a new trick he is calling the “Holy Crail.” “Never even tried it before,” Kotsenburg said. “Never, ever tried it in my life.” (see ABC news coverage on Sage Kotsenburg here) Sage saw beyond the normal and created his own winning trick having never attempted it before. Sage is open to new ideas and new challenges. We can only imagine what a “baby on board sign” would look like in his world. It may be filled with things like a fake ollie, swiss cheese air, backslide misty, tail press and a crippler.

  • What would a baby on a snowboard look like to you?
  • What sport would you try if you could do anything?
  • How do you limit your life by keeping expectations too small?
  • Will you smile and envision yourself as a baby enjoying a snowboard ride?

“I now realize that the small hills you see on ski slopes are formed around the bodies of forty-seven-year-olds who tried to learn snowboarding.”                             Dave Barry

The Power of a Preschooler will change your life…..if you let it.


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