What would Good Friday look like if you were there?

I was telling talking about Easter with a group of two and young three year olds this week. When I got to the thorny crown, a girl quickly interjected, “and that was definitely NOT a princess crown!” When we got to the part about the mean guys coming to take Jesus away, a boy quickly wanted to share, “I need to be a Power Ranger and get those mean guys who hurt Jesus! I need to get my power stick!” Story over!

The Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross

The story of Easter is the most profound story in all of christianity. It is the only story where a savior dies for all the sins of humanity and then comes back to life only to then leave again to prepare a place for everyone. It is so far beyond what an adult mind can comprehend, which makes it even harder for a preschooler to grasp. Yet grasp they do.

Preschoolers understand concepts like getting punished for doing something wrong. They understand “mean guys” wanting to hurt people. They understand that a thorny crown is nothing like the princess variety. They understand people crying when they are sad. They understand people being happy and excited when a cave is found empty. They understand how to share exciting news with others so that everyone can continue to pass on a legacy. They understand the desire for unconditional love.

What preschoolers also understand is that they like to DO things. They don’t like to just sit and listen; they are doers. The love waving a Palm branch and shouting “Hosanna!”. They love going outside in a garden to look for flowers and a spot to pray like Jesus. When they hear about some friends sleeping instead of being with Jesus as he was taken away, they enjoy falling to the floor and acting as if they are sleeping. Preschoolers DO.

A young child visualizing morphing into a Power Ranger to protect someone he loves is just what makes God smile at Easter. God is in the business of morphing people’s hearts. To morph means to be transformed completely in appearance or character. As Christians we believe that only God has the ability to transform character. We all fall short of the glory of God which is the whole point of Easter. We all need some morphing power; power sticks are optional.

  • If you were present at the first Good Friday, what do you think you would have done?
  • What in your life needs some transformation?
  • If you are alive on THIS Good Friday, what will you DO?
  • Are you willing to say, “It’s Morphin’ time” and wait for God to do some work?
  • While you are busy Doing, also please remember there is a time for just Being. They can go hand in hand quite well.

“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.”

Drew Barrymore

The power of a preschooler will change your life….if you let it. Be prepared to Morph! 🙂


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