“What would you make with a mixer?”

We had a mixer out to make some frosting with some preschoolers. I asked, “What would you like to make with a mixer?” One boy looked at the beaters and said, “I would like to make NOISE!”


All of the children in the group before the boy shared some delicious item they would create with the mixer. The very last child shared his truth. NOISE is sometimes the best thing to make.

Noise is something that contains energy. It always creates some reaction and it gains attention. Noise can be subtle or it can be voluminous. It can scare us and jar us and soothe us. It can speak to us with no words.

The first thing that comes out of our mouthes when we are born is noise. Noise is universal. Noise can be an enemy or a friend. Noise can be appreciated or disdained. Noise can be silenced for a moment but not forever.

Noise is a lot like people…….

  • What kind of noise do you like to make?
  • What noises are annoying to you?
  • What can you do when you need to silence the noises around you?

“There are two types of people in the world. People who like kids, and people who don’t. People who complain about kids screaming on aeroplanes and in restaurants, and those people who love kids and enjoy their energy and enjoy hearing the noise they make and get off on their energy. I am one of those people who happens to love kids”
Magnus Scheving

P.S. If you decide to make a noise today, the joyful ones are always appreciated most.



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