What do you really need to know about KidMin 2014?

3490_586489708066258_203801147_nI and about 1999 others are going to KidMin 2014. I am teaching a workshop called Nursery Ministry that Matters and a double workshop about Creating a Quality Preschool. I am excited to share material with children’s ministry workers from all over the country that will then benefit young children. When you go to any conference, it is important to know what you should expect to get out of it. So today, I went to the best source I know. I went to some preschoolers and asked them what people should expect to get out of KidMin 2014. 

What should I pack?

  • If this place is a good place, you don’t have to pack a lot of snacks because they will have a lot for you. My grandpa Larry always has good snacks. Your place should be as fun as Grandpa Larry’s.

What should I learn about 3-4 year olds?

  • You should learn that people start out as babies. Babies have really soft cheeks. Their heads smell good. Sometimes 4 year olds don’t smell good, but that is ok.

Should I bring anything back from Ohio?

  • When you come back from a place called Ohio, you should stop saying, “Oh, Hi, Oh” and then say, “Oh Goodbye, Oh.”
  • If you see a toy that looks like the one I lost, you should bring it back. I keep looking, but I have not looked in Ohio.

Do you think God will be at KidMin?

  • God is real busy, and he should really take some time to talk to my daddy. I think the people in Ohio can let God do some talking to my dad. He really needs it right now.

I am going to talk to Thom and Joani when I get to KidMin. What should I tell them? (Thom and Joani are the people behind the entire conference.)

  • Tell Tom and Jerry that I love their show on Nickelodeon. My mommy and I laugh when Tom chases Jerry. If you want some real fun, you can try and chase Jerry too.

I am even more excited to go to KidMin 2014 than before I spoke to these preschoolers! When I pack for KidMIn, I need to remember that so much fun will already be in store for me that I can pack light. I will be reminded that we all start out as similar babies, and we just all take on our own odors as we get bigger. I can keep my eyes open for something that will bless someone on my return as well as say a fond farewell to a beautiful city. I know God is present in all the preschooler’s families lives, and I want to make sure I take the time to make my own divine appointment with him during this time.

As for those “Tom and Jerry” characters…… I read that the Tom and Jerry films have won 7 Academy Awards for Animated Short film. I also read that Thom and Joani just produced a documentary called, “When God Left the Building.” I can only imagine what awards that film will make. I am very excited that the film will not only be shown at KidMIn, but it will be shown right in my hometown of Crystal Lake at the Raue Theater on October 7th. Thom and Joani will be  attending in person to show the documentary and also engage personally afterwards with the audience. If you want to see the real Thom and Joani who can be just as endearing as Tom and Jerry, tickets can be purchased here. (Click here for screening times)


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