What costume do you wear?

Some of the preschoolers from my school went to a local nursing home dressed in their Halloween costumes and ready to get some treats. When they came back to school, one child asked, “What costume did the people wear?” Another child said, “They all had the same costume. They were old people with old faces and old clothes who loved us.”


For Halloween I got to see a lot of Frozen characters. The joke for the day was that the reason it snowed in our area in October was that there were so many Frozen characters walking around. I also got to see lots of super heroes. Heroes with muscles, heroes with masks, heroes with capes, gloves and boots all were ready to protect us at a moment’s notice. There were bees, butterflies and caterpillars, cats both domestic and wild in both their looks and their personalities and of course some dinosaurs both friendly and scary. There was a boy dressed like Noah with a bag full of ziplock baggies of animals all segregated two by two. There were no commingling issues with that Noah! There was a boy with a red cape, wearing whiskers with paint on his hand and when he was asked what costume he was wearing he proudly said, “I am pretend.”

Preschoolers are delightful in their costumes, up until it is bathroom time and then tails and skirts and zippers and boots become not as delightful. However, the preschoolers and their costumes are still endearing. The older they get and the more they go out on their own the less efforts they often make. An older child can pawn off hair gel or a colorful shirt as the only thing needed for an adequate costume.

Each person I saw yesterday was trying to be something. Some were easy to identify and some needed a lot of creative license. That is also how I see people today and will see them tomorrow. Some people are easy to understand and very transparent with who they are. Others wear so much make-up or accessories and layers of clothes that you can never be certain who they really are.

Life would just be so much easier if we could look at everyone and know they are people with faces and clothes who love us.

  • If someone would look at you today, what would they think of you?
  • What do you like to hide from people?
  • How can you tell if someone is wearing love?
  • Will you try to put more love into your wardrobe choice today?

“Every day each of us wakes up, reaches into drawers and closets, pulls out a costume for the day and proceeds to dress in a style that can only be called preposterous.”

Mary Schmich

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