“We will be getting two inches.”

I was talking with a preschooler who just moved to the north from the south. As she was excitedly looking at her first snowfall, I said, “We will be getting two inches.” She looked intently outside and said, “Where are the two witches?”

First snowfall for some preschoolers

First snowfall for some preschoolers


Snow is something that we all have a different opinion about. Some of us love the first snowfall and others dread the possibility of a chance forecast of snow. Some of us live in places where snow never comes out of the sky. Some of us live in places like Buffalo, NY that has snow fall like rays of sunshine in Florida.

I was in Colorado with some non-snow, adult friends, and they were surprised that not all snow makes snowmen. They had no idea there were different types of snow that are caused by different conditions.

Adults, like children, do not have a full grasp of snow until they experience it. Most adults will not be looking for two witches to fall from the sky, but they could be disappointed when the snow ball fight they had envisioned will not happen with dry and powdery snow. Experience is something we all gain every day as it changes our perspectives.

There are times when adults can be judgmental and hard-headed even when we don’t have direct experience with a situation. We talk like we have authority and have no idea we may be making a fool of ourselves as we talk about looking for “two witches.” It takes a mature person to learn new things and be open to learning from people who have already experienced things. For those not wanting to believe in that, there are plenty of witch stories that can be engaged in. In fact, there is a Satanic group presently wanting to pass out their Satanic coloring books in the public schools in Florida. They want equal time to the bibles that are passed out in the area.

In a race to a child’s heart, the first one there often wins. May truth through experience find its way to children and adults alike.

  • What was your experience with snow growing up?
  • What is your opinion of snow today?
  • What is something you would still like to experience that you have not?
  • What things do you hold onto as absolute truth, and how to do you share that with others?

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.”
Andy Goldsworthy


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