I just have to share….

A preschooler told me, “Mommy says its good to share so I just have to share my Christmas list with you. Be ready, it is a lot to remember. ”

I want to share something...

I want to share something…

I had a mother come to my preschool office this week and say, “I just have to share something and maybe your blog could use it.” (Luckily it was not too long for me to remember!) She shared she is very early in a pregnancy and has fears of losing the baby like she has experienced in the past. She has been busy praying for a healthy baby or a quick miscarriage before she bonds too closely with the child or the stamina to see the good in whatever happens. In her heartfelt prayers, God has been silent. She has felt like there is no sign of what will happen. Her prayer to hear God was answered through her preschooler. About two hours after her prayer for a message, her daughter sat by her side and said, “Mommy, did you know that when you are sad, God is sad too?”

With tears in her eyes, this mother shared that the Holy Spirit spoke through her preschooler and comforted her in her time of need.  Preschoolers are powerful people. They have only been in this world for a short time yet have the ability to change lives in profound ways. Fetuses also have the ability to change lives. If they are in the world for a week or a month, a few months or are delivered full term, lives surrounding them may never be the same.

The tip of a pen is quite small but it can create anything we can imagine. The little tip of a pen is the same size as a fetus as it begins to grow, but small can do big things. It is as if the fetus is saying, “Love me as I grow, I have things to do. I may be small now, but I will always love you.”

After only five weeks, the fetus is the size of a sesame seed which seems still very small, but he has a brain and a spine, and his heart is beating. The sesame seed gives a lot of oil for people all over the world to eat even though it is one of the smallest seeds. Small can do big things. That fetus is still saying, “Love me as I grow, I have things to do. I may be small now, but I will always love you.”

Small things can love a lot. No matter what the size of a creation, it can give and receive love. No one knows how long our children will live. The only thing we can know is how long we can offer love. Emotions are up to us.

The God I know who creates new life knows the joy that life can bring. He also knows the sadness that can come when we are not as close as we want to be. Closeness brings joy and distance brings pain. Whenever you can, get as close to love as possible. If it involves sitting close on a couch with a preschooler as she shares words of comfort, smile and know you are loved.

  • When you are sad, do you typically suffer in silence or do you share with others in your world?
  • What would look different if you would accept the love that a small thing can offer you?
  • If you are a person who prayers, will you take time to ask God to show up for you, and wait in holy anticipation at how you will hear an answer? (Make sure there is room for a preschooler in your life in case that is how your ears will hear a message. They just may also have their own long list to share with you.)

God said, “You don’t have to worry about love. As long as I’m existing, you will be loved.” Anonymous

“Love me as I grow, I have things to do. I may be small now, but I will always love you.” Quote from every child who has ever been conceived


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