“Time to show your knees”

It has been a long, cold winter at my preschool. On our first warmer day, one mother thought her son would be so excited now that he could finally put on a pair of shorts and show off his knees. He put on the shorts and said, “HEY! Where are the rest of my pants!”

Sometimes knees are happy even if they aren't spelled correctly.

Sometimes knees are happy even if they aren’t spelled correctly.

We get used to things a certain way. We get used to needing things we always have. Sometimes we mourn the loss of things we no longer need. However, we need to get good at embracing the shorts in our closet. New seasons mean new expectations. New seasons can mean shedding things from old seasons that we no longer find helpful.

Getting rid of things can be exciting. Shedding the extra foot of material on our legs can be freeing. What we need in the winter is different from what we need in the late spring and summer. Both items of clothing are essential for comfort but only when the circumstances around us meet our goals. It just may now be the time for your knees to see some sunlight.

  • When you move into a new season in your life, are you most likely to want to hold onto the past or jump into the future with its new expectations?
  • Can you think of a time when you held onto something you really did not need?
  • When we really love our pants (our activities and our abilities and comforts) from the past season, what things can we do to help keep them in the closet while embracing our new summer clothes (our new adventures)? 


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