“I wanna be thankful”

We sang a song at preschool that said, “I wanna be thankful.” The music had a refrain that sang this over and over and over again. After the song was finished, I asked the group, ‘What do you wanna be?” One child shouted, “I wanna be GOD!”

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Preschoolers can have high heights. They are unpredictable and do not stop when we think they should. Being thankful and grateful is something we want all preschoolers and adults to be. Gratefulness is the beginning of greatness.

If we believe that God is great, than we can also believe that being more godlike would be an ultimate goal. If we are more godlike, we are more thankful. Maybe being thankful is not our final destination. We need to go even further. Maybe thankfulness is a nice pause on our way to greatness.

  • What do you “wanna be”?
  • What would your world look like if you were thankful for everything?
  • What can you do to use your thankfulness to bring greater greatness to your life?

“I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.”

Albert Einstein

Video of my preschool friends giving thanks. (Click on the blue words)

If you would like to hear the “I wanna be thankful” song we were singing, it is here. I hope you wanna be something great today.


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