Do you search for four leaf clovers outside?

We asked our preschoolers, “Do you search for four leaf clovers outside?” A child thought about it and said, “I will now! My teacher always has such great ideas. I love her.”


One of the highlights of teaching is when you open doors that students never knew existed. There is that moment when a child sees something for the first time or experiences a new feeling or texture or activity and you realize you have entered into sacred ground.

As children, new things happen often daily. They don’t plan for it, it just happens. Oftentimes a loving teacher is behind a new experience. As adults we often walk through our days with no real expectation that something unique will happen. We don’t assume we will try something for the first time in our lives.

Finding a four leaf clover is considered good luck, especially if it is found accidentally. I wonder what may happen if we looked for the great ideas that others have around us and followed through with trying new things. Maybe the accidental finds would bring us more than just good

  • If you wanted to search for something, what would you search for?
  • Do you have anyone in your life who continues to challenge you to try new things? 
  • How would your outlook be different if you expected to do something new each day?


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