“Why did you punch your brother?”

I read a post from one of our preschool mothers asking her son, “Why did you punch your brother?”


Now just for a moment, I want you to think logically about at least three answers a four year old may offer. I am thinking many of the common responses start with “He…..” We are quick to blame others when things go wrong. We are quick to want to remain innocent and justified in our actions. We want others to like us and to see our point of view. We often want sympathy.  We want justice.

Our world has been hit with some violence lately that does not make sense to us. We long for the simplicity and innocence of childhood while we anguish over actions of adults who should know better. We are grieving those hurt by others for reasons that just plainly do not make sense.

However, sometimes people’s actions truly do not make sense. They come from a place that we don’t understand. Years of hurt come out in strange places. Months of frustration manifest into baffling actions while weeks of annoyance can turn into incomprehensible words. We all need to take a deep breath and try to center ourselves back to a calm peaceful place where we don’t see differences in colors as reasons to pick a fight.

Now getting back to my preschool friend……

“Why did you hit your brother?”
“Because I didn’t eat very good and I can’t control my arms!”

I am thinking you did NOT see that answer coming! That is what we are seeing today in our news. People are doing things we never saw coming for reasons we never thought of. Unfortunately, adults are often not as funny as children. You just never know when broccoli and kale will be reasons we lose control of our arms!

  • When have you been angry enough to wish harm on someone?
  • What are the biggest triggers you have for anger?
  • What can you do to control your arms (and words)?


P.S. My preschool is having a week of cooking camp right now. We are learning all about healthy choices and good foods. We are doing our part to eliminate as many reasons for lack of controlling arms as possible. 🙂

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