“Do we yell?”

We read a book for our first week of preschool that talks about rules at school. One page asked, “Do we yell? The book suggested we do not yell at school. One child immediately said, “I HAVE to share this with my mommy because she always yells at my daddy. Do you have more things I should teach her?”


Preschool is an interesting time. Little children have a lot to learn. They need to wait in lines, wash their hands, share incredibly hard to share toys, say goodbye to loved ones, try new foods, write with new instruments, meet strangers and keep their hands to themselves even when their whole body wants to touch someone. Remembering all that is expected of them can be a year long process in preschool.

Children are constantly learning. They are learning from their peers, their teachers, other parents they meet in the hallway and of course their family members. While they are busy learning, they are also busy teaching. They want the world to be fair. They want to know what is expected of them and of others. They want their parents to treat them with respect while still being nice enough to buy them a treat.

While children are so busy learning, it is the adults’ job to also learn from the them. There is not a day that you cannot learn something from a preschooler if you take the time to listen. Children are listening even when we think they are not. They hear yelling even when it is not directed to them. Some studies share that yelling can be as harmful to a child as corporal punishment. The impact of “second hand yelling” can be just as harmful.

Does yelling happen? Of course! We had a child’s dog get hit by a car this week. Yelling has to happen at times to try and prevent accidents. What we hope to prevent is the long term effects that yelling can provide.

If all children could teach others to use kind words in a respectful tone, our hearts would be open to learning more from each other. When that volume  does get away from us, never underestimate the two words, “I’m sorry.”

  • What type of yelling do you remember when you were growing up?
  • What is your plan for your current family in terms of yelling and being respected?
  • Will you take the time to try and learn something from a child this week?


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