Do you see any four-leaf clovers?

When we were outside, I asked a preschooler,  “Do you see any four- leaf clovers?” She looked at the clover plants and replied, “I don’t know how to count, but I can look for things that are beautiful. Beautiful things are easy to find.”

Looking for beauty

Looking for beauty


According to tradition, a four-leaf clover brings good luck. Luck may not have as much importance as beauty to a preschooler. “Lucky” is an abstract concept that is foreign to a preschooler. Beauty is something that comes quite early to a preschooler’s concepts. This may suite adults well too.

Too many of us look for luck to change our lives. We feel if we only had that “lucky break” we would be happy. We often feel ourselves or others don’t deserve the bad or good luck they have.  Some of us look to lucky charms to help ward off bad things that may come our way.

The leaves from a clover plant are believed to represent different things. The first leaf represents faith. The second represents hope, and the third represents love. If you find a fourth leaf, it represents luck. If you look at faith, hope and love, maybe we really don’t need luck. Just maybe that preschooler is correct. If we look for beauty instead of luck, we will have the full benefits of faith, hope and love.

  • What is your opinion about “luck”?
  • What do you do when you have “bad luck”?
  • If you stopped thinking about being lucky or unlucky and searched for beauty, how could that change your life?
  • Will you take a moment today and look for beauty? (You may just be lucky enough to find some!)

“If a man cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?” Stanislaw J. Lec

The Power of Preschoolers will change your mind…. if you let it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! The picture was taken last March 17th.  We are not “lucky enough” here in Illinois this year to see green clovers yet with this winter, but soon!


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