Which one would you pick?

                                              Which one you YOU pick?

This year our preschool with Santa’s help had stuffed animals for all of the children. The children got to pick out the stuffed animal that they felt could be their prayer buddy. We have never done this before, and I was worried about tears from children who may want an animal someone else took or what may happen if they don’t see an animal they like.

A sweet little four year old went right to a fluffy dog as her first choice. Then she noticed the leg had a big rip in it. Trying to avoid tears, I said, “You can pick another one. You don’t have to have the broken one.” She looked at me with big eyes and a broad smile and said, “This dog is PERFECT for me! I have two grandmas that know how to sew, and I can have them help me.”


What my adult brain feared would induce tears, a preschool brain saw with compassion and the ability to use others when we are in need. Just because something is broken does not mean we cannot love it. That is the whole meaning of Christmas. Our broken world needed someone who could love us no matter what faults we have. We all need to be loved just like we are. Sometimes we may need the help of others to help heal our loved ones, and that too is okay. Never be too fearful to ask for help for those you love.

Merry Christmas from the heart of a preschooler.

  • What would YOU do if you received a broken gift?
  • Who in your life is broken and you need to love more deeply instead of discarding them?
  • What things do you need a bandage for, and who can help you heal?

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