Ask a Teacher

We have a panel of experienced, trained preschool teachers that would love to help you with your preschool child. Questions will be answered via email. If we do not feel confident in answering any questions, we will not collect any payment. All donations collected will be used to help empower preschoolers to help others via service oriented work. Donations can be made from the main sidebar on the home page.

Common questions are:

  • How do I know my child’s preschool is meeting my child’s needs?
  • What can I do to get my preschooler to eat more healthy foods?
  • My preschooler does not play well with others, should I worry?
  • My child will not sleep through the night. What can I do?
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One thought on “Ask a Teacher

  1. My name is Mark Jones and I am the Children’s Pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church in OKC, OK. I also have a website, Mr. Mark’s Classroom with about 16,000 page impressions each month. My heart is to champion Children’s Ministry so others can be resourced and equipped for leading and teaching in Kid’s Ministry. I saw your article in Children’s Ministry Magazine and wondered if you would allow me to interview you on my podcast- Mr. Mark’s Classroom. I really think our listeners would appreciate your experience and learn from you. We could discuss your article or you could choose a different topic for leadership. I will gladly allow you to create the questions so you will know what I am asking, if you prefer.

    I would like to record the podcast via phone on December 10.

    Are you interested and/ or available for a podcast interview?

    Your Friend,
    Mr. Mark

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