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The Power of Preschoolers grows when more people are involved. If you would like to share a way your school or family has helped a preschooler complete a service project for someone, please adda comment here. List the name of the project first, then briefly describe what your preschoolers did.  Include your name and city if you would like that mentioned. Select entries may also become eligible for a winning donation to continue their power.

Projects will be listed here for others to be inspired by. Come back and see what powerful things are being done.


Sharing art to those who need a smile, home day care, DeKalb, IL                                 We keep a box by our art area. The children can choose to bring their artwork home or donate it to someone that needs a smile. Once the box gets  several items in it, I give them to local church so the minister can bring them to shut-ins, nursing home or hospital visits. Sometimes we can deliver it to the places in person or we go to neighbors and offer smiles. The children love this ability to make something that will bring smiles to others.

Sharing Food, parent, Crystal Lake, IL                                                                                   We have a monthly dinner in our neighborhood and each preschooler brings at least one item that we put in a box to donate to our local food pantry. The children are usually just as excited to bring their gift as they are to eat our dinner.

Hands of Jesus Project, St. Paul’s Christian Preschool, Crystal Lake, IL                         We gave out envelopes with $5 in them for families to help others. We offered suggestions and then let the children report back what they had done. We were amazed at the famlily’s abilities make $5 change lives.


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