Share your smiles

The more you talk to a preschooler, the more you will come away with a smile.

If you would like to share something funny a preschooler has said, please share it. It may be used to create an entry that uplifts others. Your experiences can change the life of someone else. That is the power of a preschooler with the help of an adult.

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2 thoughts on “Share your smiles

  1. One morning I was teaching the early childhood fitness & nutrition program that I teach in various preschools. I was at a Christian Preschool and our “active adventure” was based on the movie “Wreck-It Ralph”. I told them that Ralph was tired of being called a “Bad Guy”, that he really wanted to be known as a “hero”. A preschooler pointed to the crucifix on the wall and said, “Like that guy! Do you know who that is? Do you know what he did for us? He died on that cross for us!!” I was speechless!!

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