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DSC_9600Sheila1Sheila Halasz has one husband, one daughter, one son, one son-in-law, one granddog, one God and more preschool friends than she can count. She is passionate about helping people see the value in young children and also teaching adults how to be successful with them.

She been doing public speaking engagements for over twenty years at conventions and smaller venues. She lives in northern Illinois but has traveled all over the country to bring the right message to the right people.

She has college degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood/Special Needs Preschool from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. She has master’s classes in curriculum development from the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus, Chicago, IL and a Ministry and Theology Certificate from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ.  She has coauthored 15 books through Group Publishing involving children’s activities. She has a current column in Children’s Ministry Magazine. She has also worked on three curriculum lines for preschoolers. She founded and is currently Director of St. Paul’s Christian Preschool in Crystal Lake, IL. A Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.

Any presentation is filled with relational time to better connect as well as applicable concepts that you can use that day.

Power of Preschoolers  

Talk to a Preschooler and you will find….smiles for your face and food for your mind. Come experience the mind of a preshooler in a fresh way that will leave you feeling blessed to enter their world. The power of a preschooler can change your life….if you let it.

 Sheila Halasz is a published author, national speaker, Preschool Director and current contributor to Children’s Ministry Magazine and always looks forward to sharing fun stories while changing lives.

The Power of Preschoolers in a presentation format can be presented in a fun, engaging format that will let participants walk away with some smiles for their face yet food for their mind. This broad topic is perfect for any Mother’s groups, Mother’s Day occasions, School functions, Church groups, MOPS groups, or other Parent Groups. Content can be fit for the specific audience. A Christian slant can be applied if desired or a secular presentation can be used.

Educational Presentations: topics can also be brought to an audience for topics like

  • Amazing Science experiments for Preschoolers
  • New art projects to Wow your child
  • Disciplining your Preschooler
  • Learn how smart your preschooler is through Multiple Intelligence
  • Are traditions needed for children?
  • Can a preschooler pray?

Topics will be formatted to fit the needs of the intended audience.

Speaking engagement rates and travel costs are adaptable to the program and can be discussed in person. Leave a message, and Sheila will get back to you to discuss details.

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5 thoughts on “Speaking Engagements

  1. Hi – I am inquiring about a possible speaking engagement with our moms group. We are located in Marengo IL. Thursday November 21st 9:00 -10:00/30 am.

  2. HI! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! I am interested in learning more details about your program for our MOPS group.
    Thank you!!

    • Dear Anne, I would love to speak to you further about your MOPS group! I love the hearts of MOPS, probably because they deal with the power of a preschooler every day! I will email you more details!

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