“Do you like that long hair?”

I was sitting with a preschooler watching a girl put her long hair in a pony tail. I asked the three year old, “Do you like that long hair?” She said, “Yes, I like long hair. My daddy used to have long hair, and now all the hair on his head fell off into his armpit!”

Do you like my long hair?

Do you like that long hair?

Adults often talk about loosing their hair, but they never have the positive attitude to share where it can be found. If something is lost, then it makes sense that it could be found.

I have a special knack for loosing things. I have lost keys, phone numbers, earrings, sun glasses and jackets. This past weekend, I even lost a ring that was on my finger. Oftentimes the items show back up. I retrace steps or some kind stranger finds what I dropped. Sometimes the item is gone for good, and I have to mournfully accept the loss. (I truly hope the person who found my Maui Jim Sun glasses at the doctor’s office last week is reading this and wants to return them!)

Things are things that others have and can often be replaced. The things that are truly important are the items that are harder when lost. Most of us will lose a loved one in our lives that will never be able to be found or replaced. We will most likely lose some of our health that we often take for granted. We will lose some childhood memories that we hold onto yet they will slip partially away unless well documented.

While some things can be found, not everything is that lucky. Some things that were once beautiful end up being found in the stinky armpits of the world. That just begs the question, “Do we really want to find everything we lose?”

  • What is something you regret loosing?
  • What is something in your life that you would be better off if you could never find it?
  • What about your character do you never want to lose?

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”

Billy Graham