Which one is your mommy?

I looked at pictures of mommies and asked a preschooler, “Which one is your mommy?” The child looked at me and said, “Duhhh, the beautiful one!”

11229309_10153800280564008_7357304791989273121_nAll mothers look different, but all mothers can have perfect beauty to a child. Mothers can often be hard on themselves. They feel guilty that they do not go to a gym and exercise enough. They worry they are not making their children eat the most healthy food. They worry that they themselves are not eating the way they should. They want their hair to cooperate more in weather. They want to look good in their clothes and not be seen in the shirt with the baby’s spit up on it. They want enough sleep to make it through a day. They want a clean house that can have company over at any time. They desire time to themselves yet feel guilty to schedule that into a day. They want to have intelligent conversation and look wise while still maintaining the ability to speak in words a two year old will understand. They want to have friends, but they struggle with the balance of family and friends and only 24 hours in a day. They want to be good with money and be able to be generous to the poor. They want to have children that are¬†intelligent,¬†disciplined and polite and fear when a child is rude it will be a reflection back on them.

Being a mother can be exhausting. It can seem like an impossible task to accomplish in a satisfactory manner. Mother’s eyes can be discouraged. However, when you look through the eyes of a preschooler, mothers are truly beautiful! They bring a smile. They start the lifelong process of what love is. They are important beyond measure.

If you are reading this, know you are beautiful. (Even if you have hair that sticks up, three fingers, blue hair and skin and no nose!)

  • What things did your mother struggle with that you understand more now as an adult?
  • In what ways was your mother beautiful?
  • Every female can be a mother to the world, even if you will never be a biological mother. What can you do to be beautiful to others?¬†
  • Will you consider letting some mother know she is beautiful this Mother’s Day and any other day of the year?