“How many can I have?”

I was at a store while a preschooler stood looking at all the candy. It was a large amount to choose from for little eyes. She innocently asked, “How many can I have?” The mother was impatient and said, “Just pick one!” The little girl picked a box of gummy bears and said, “I will eat just one, but the other bears in the box sure are going to be lonely!”


Could YOU just pick one?


Sometimes it is hard to be obedient. We want so much, but we have to be content with what we are offered. If we accept what is given to us, we open doors for more to follow. The preschooler with one gummy bear will be happily surprised as her mother allows her to eat more than one. However, we never really know what our limits will be until they are upon us. If we can remain happy with little, just imagine how much easier it will be to be happy when we are given much.

  • When have you had a time when one gift felt so good to receive?
  • Be honest, have you had a time when you were disappointed hoping you were going to receive more? Did you handle it the way you should have?
  • Think about a time when you or someone you know has received a gift bigger than what was expected.
  • Will you try to surprise someone this week with something they are not expecting?

“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

I asked a preschooler, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” He replied, “I am going to be hungry for candy!”

Enough candy?

Enough candy?


There is a lot about the Halloween time that can be attractive to a young child. There are fun costumes to look at. You get to be a princess or a super hero or even a friendly dog. You can be whatever your imagination allows, and there is freedom in that.

Children love freedom. They love running outside without an adult asking to hold their hand. They love making sounds when they want and not being told to use “inside voices.”

There are so many decorations and fantasy items to explore. Young children love seeing things that engage their imagination and curiosity. As Americans we spend more money on decorations for our homes during this season than some countries spend on their entire Gross National Product. This is a big industry that attracts people of all ages.

Children also undeniably love candy. They seem to crave the sugar laden items packed in wrappers and often candy not in wrappers on the ground! There are many small hands quicker than the hands of adults as items are found on floors. However, there is so much talk of juvenile diabetes. There is talk about GMO’s in candy. There is talk about too many chemicals in candy along with food colorings. In America, we are expected to eat 600 million pounds of candy in the next couple of weeks.

A 13 year old boy in Forbes Magazine starting his own candy company after being disappointed when his father took half of his candy away for his best interest. This boy did not give up on the idea of eating candy. He just made the candy something that would be more healthy and work within the rules of his household. He created “unjunked” candy that would fit the needs of so many.

There is a lot to be learned from that young guy. We all have things in our lives that we really enjoy that are probably not that good for us. As adults we can now make wiser decisions about how to either do something in moderation or how to change all the rules and create something new that will satisfy us yet also be more healthy and work within the rules we establish for ourselves.

As adults we also get the privilege of being whatever we want for Halloween. We can get into a costume. We can lock our doors on Halloween and never celebrate it. We can point to religion as a way to avoid the day. We can point to religion as a way to celebrate the day. We can buy any candy in the store and eat as much of it as we can stand. With any choice comes responsibilities. If the world would all look for ways to be more healthy while still working within the rules of the household, it would make Halloween and any day a better thing.

(More details on “Unjunked candy” when you click here.)

  • What is something in your life that is probably not healthy for you, yet you really enjoy? 
  • What are some modifications you can think of that would help make that item or items more healthy and still work within the rules of your life?
  • When there are items that we truly just indulge in, what are some ways we can deal with that without becoming overburdened?

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold.  ~Judith Olney