“What are you doing on the chalkboard?”

I watched a preschooler¬†draw a chalk drawing and then get out the eraser. I asked, “What are you doing on the chalkboard?” He said, “I am hiding my picture! Now it is only in my head!”


When we erase things on the chalkboard, we think they are gone. We like seeing things disappear ready for a new creation. However, some things really do not just disappear even though we can’t see them.

Memories can be strong. They can hold things that no chalkboard will ever hold. Memories can bring back emotions, smells, textures and words that are brighter than any chalkboard could retrieve. We all need to try to live our lives so that even when the outward signs of our lives are erased, the inward memories remain positive things to hold onto.

  • Do you have a memory you would like to erase?
  • What is a memory you hope will never fade?
  • What things could you do to help use all of your memories to work together to create a collectively good picture?