What is your favorite color?

I asked a preschooler, “What is your favorite color?” She said, “Unicorn, you know, pink, purple, orange, unicorn.”


The most common favorite color for adults world-wide is blue. It is in every crayon box and used by every child to color. The primary colors often come to our minds first as we think of colors. Artists use primary colors to create all the other colors. Paintings with color add to quality to our lives.

Colors are also used to describe people. There are whole workshops that help us determine if our personalities are Blue or Green or Gold or Orange. Colors can define us.

In our environment, colors can enhance our emotions. Blues calm us, reds excite us and patterns can give us movement. Interior decorators spend years learning how to make us feel and react in different colored rooms. Hotel designers are keen to know how to decorate spaces so that patrons feel good about their space and invite us to want to return.

Preschoolers are especially fond of color. They do not gravitate towards the gray paint. They seem to like red the best. They are not afraid to mix colors and put orange next to pink next to green next to purple next to red and call it beautiful.

Research says that there are at least 2.4 million colors that the average eye can detect. Crayons can never keep up with what our eyes can see. It may be fair to say that color names can also never keep up with a preschooler’s imagination. If “unicorn” can be a color, certainly worlds would expand. If we can look at people and not see black or white, it may just give us the magical eye of a unicorn. No one has seen a unicorn, yet we have one in our minds. When we come to a place where some of our favorite things are things that our minds can bring to the world, we will be in a place that preschoolers find quite comfortable. The ability to bring our minds out to the world and connect with others is a colorful gift.

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What are the meanings behind color to you?
  • How can you stretch your mind so that it can bring out new tones, hues and subtleties?