“How many can I have?”

I was at a store while a preschooler stood looking at all the candy. It was a large amount to choose from for little eyes. She innocently asked, “How many can I have?” The mother was impatient and said, “Just pick one!” The little girl picked a box of gummy bears and said, “I will eat just one, but the other bears in the box sure are going to be lonely!”


Could YOU just pick one?


Sometimes it is hard to be obedient. We want so much, but we have to be content with what we are offered. If we accept what is given to us, we open doors for more to follow. The preschooler with one gummy bear will be happily surprised as her mother allows her to eat more than one. However, we never really know what our limits will be until they are upon us. If we can remain happy with little, just imagine how much easier it will be to be happy when we are given much.

  • When have you had a time when one gift felt so good to receive?
  • Be honest, have you had a time when you were disappointed hoping you were going to receive more? Did you handle it the way you should have?
  • Think about a time when you or someone you know has received a gift bigger than what was expected.
  • Will you try to surprise someone this week with something they are not expecting?