Which is your favorite Easter Egg?

I asked a preschooler, “Which is your favorite Easter Egg?” He quickly looked at the basket, and said, “My favorite one is not there. It is the chocolate one I sneaked out of my brother’s basket.”Which Easter Egg is Your Favorite?Preschoolers are impulsive. If they see something they want, they are often tempted to act on that feeling. A chocolate Easter egg in another person’s basket may just wind up in a preschooler’s stomach. Preschoolers can be very selfish.

However, that is not what happened in this case. The preschooler went on to share that he hid his brother’s chocolate egg, and he is going to let him find it on Easter. His favorite egg will be the one he will help a brother find.

We often make assumptions. We often look at someone’s actions and think we know their motives. We often are wrong. We are not perfect. We make mistakes.

The story of Easter is full of assumptions. Jesus was a liar. Jesus was trying to overthrow Jerusalem. Jesus was a good guy with good stories, but certainly nothing else. Jesus came to this earth to start a new religion. Jesus could not really have power or he would have not allowed someone to kill him. If Jesus was really the son of God, God must be terrible to allow death. Jesus has no relevance for me in my life. I don’t need an invisible spirit to be involved with me.

Many people spend their whole life with assumptions that may or may not be true. Seeing the bigger picture is something we might not see. We might not get to see a preschooler offering candy to a brother. We might end the story at looking at a thief who had no good thoughts. The end of stories are up to us. Easter is never the end. It is only the beginning of a journey that will take you to places you may never knew existed.

  • What kind of Easter egg is your favorite?
  • What is an assumption you have made or someone has made about you that was wrong?
  • What is the best way we can live our life without letting assumptions control our thoughts?

Q: What do Easter bunnies get for making two baskets?

A: Two points, just like everyone else!

(Can I assume you didn’t see that one coming? 🙂 )

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates that holiday!

“Why did Jesus Die?

A preschooler was asked, “Why did Jesus die?” He replied, “Because the bunny bit him!”

Bunnies can have big teeth

Bunnies can have big teeth

Preschoolers and Easter are a complicated situation. Easter is filled with bunnies and candy in the stores, yet the true story of Easter is so complex and filled with death, life from death, angels, forgiveness and the weight and sin of the world. Those concepts are complex for an adult let alone a three year old!

At my preschool we reenacted the story of Easter including the events of Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the cross, the resurrection and how our current lives intersect with the story. Again, all are in-depth concepts that theologians interact with. However, preschoolers can amaze us at their depth of thinking.

Be ready to see their depth…….

While drinking the grape juice with our bread, a preschooler shared, “Hey, I need MORE juice here!” It is a good Christian theologian who says, “Yes, we do need more blood of Jesus in our lives here!”

Another preschooler took the little communion cup and said, “This is my medicine.” It is also a good Christian theologian who says, “Yes, Jesus can be the medicine I need.”

We shared that when Jesus was here, he told people to take the bread and drink and always remember Him. One preschooler refused to take either. She looked at me and said, “I remember Jesus everyday. I really don’t need to eat anything to remember Him.” Only the deepest spiritual lives remember their source of power at all times without any reminders. IMG_2571

When we passed out the bread, one preschooler shared, “I love honey on my bread, but if this is bread from Jesus, it probably is already really sweet.” Another thing a Christian theologian knows is that everything that does come from Christ is meant to be sweet in your life.


Easter is complex, but it truly is a story that young preschoolers can interpret. A young three year old shared this with his mother today, “Once upon a time, the soldiers took Jesus and put a sharp crown on Jesus’ head and He died. They put him in a cave and they wrapped him up in a big blanket. A lady came and visited Jesus, she was a magic lady and she gave him muscles. The soldiers moved a big stone in front of the cave and then he was locked inside. But He was super strong and moved the Boulder and then he’s not dead. He is, he is alive! He is alive! The people LOVE Jesus. That’s it.”

The first thing I contemplated was the “magic lady” in his version. In talking with his mother, she wondered if the holy spirit resembles magic to a three year old. I have known plenty of adults who do not understand the holy spirit and the true “magical” power it holds. However, the final essence of this Easter story version has a powerful ending. “He is alive! The people LOVE Jesus. That’s it.” I truthfully have never spoken to a theologian who could offer the story of Easter in a more succinct sentence.

By the way, the preschooler who thought Jesus had been bitten by the rabbit, walked out of my school singing the song in the following link. I don’t know if a rabbit was there when Jesus died, but I do know he would have been surprised by an empty tomb.

Click here to see a message from some of my preschool friends.

  • What part of the Easter story is hardest for you to believe?
  • How would our world be different if ALL people would LOVE Jesus?
  • There are a lot of people who only think of a bunny at Easter, is there anything you would be able to do to change that? 
  • If you could have “magic lady” at your disposal, what would you ask for this Easter?




What would Good Friday look like if you were there?

I was telling talking about Easter with a group of two and young three year olds this week. When I got to the thorny crown, a girl quickly interjected, “and that was definitely NOT a princess crown!” When we got to the part about the mean guys coming to take Jesus away, a boy quickly wanted to share, “I need to be a Power Ranger and get those mean guys who hurt Jesus! I need to get my power stick!” Story over!

The Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross

The story of Easter is the most profound story in all of christianity. It is the only story where a savior dies for all the sins of humanity and then comes back to life only to then leave again to prepare a place for everyone. It is so far beyond what an adult mind can comprehend, which makes it even harder for a preschooler to grasp. Yet grasp they do.

Preschoolers understand concepts like getting punished for doing something wrong. They understand “mean guys” wanting to hurt people. They understand that a thorny crown is nothing like the princess variety. They understand people crying when they are sad. They understand people being happy and excited when a cave is found empty. They understand how to share exciting news with others so that everyone can continue to pass on a legacy. They understand the desire for unconditional love.

What preschoolers also understand is that they like to DO things. They don’t like to just sit and listen; they are doers. The love waving a Palm branch and shouting “Hosanna!”. They love going outside in a garden to look for flowers and a spot to pray like Jesus. When they hear about some friends sleeping instead of being with Jesus as he was taken away, they enjoy falling to the floor and acting as if they are sleeping. Preschoolers DO.

A young child visualizing morphing into a Power Ranger to protect someone he loves is just what makes God smile at Easter. God is in the business of morphing people’s hearts. To morph means to be transformed completely in appearance or character. As Christians we believe that only God has the ability to transform character. We all fall short of the glory of God which is the whole point of Easter. We all need some morphing power; power sticks are optional.

  • If you were present at the first Good Friday, what do you think you would have done?
  • What in your life needs some transformation?
  • If you are alive on THIS Good Friday, what will you DO?
  • Are you willing to say, “It’s Morphin’ time” and wait for God to do some work?
  • While you are busy Doing, also please remember there is a time for just Being. They can go hand in hand quite well.

“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.”

Drew Barrymore

The power of a preschooler will change your life….if you let it. Be prepared to Morph! 🙂


“How was your Easter?”

I asked a preschooler, “How was your Easter?

He said. “Jesus got killed AGAIN! I feel sorry for him having to carry that heavy cross up the hill. It must be ‘esausting’!  Next year I want to tell him, ‘Come on Jesus Christ, you can do it! This year will be the year you do not get killed!'”

Keep trying. Don't give up!

I love this preschooler who is so full of confidence. He is hopeful he can encourage the Son of God to keep trying.

This child comes from a loving family that instills the quality of never quitting. They are a team together and let their children know that giving up is not an option. At four years old, this preschooler knows that not only can he keep trying for himself, he can encourage others. We all need someone like this in our lives. We need to keep trying and not give up.

We can often feel like a loser in life. People all around us have more things, closer relationships, better jobs and more money. None of that should change how we keep trying. We need to keep an attitude like this preschooler that will not give up even on an age-old story that has a concrete ending.

April 14th, 1434 was the day the first foundation stone was laid for St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Nantes, France. That cathedral was not completed for the next 457 years! We do not always have to know what our end result will be when we start something. We just can’t give up. We have to pass that same attitude on to the next generation so that they too can continue projects we may start. Even if it is “esauting”, we need to keep trying.

Come on friend, you can do it!

  • Who in your life encourages you when it doesn’t even make sense?
  • When in your life have you needed to persevere and not give up?
  • What challenge are you facing right now that you need to keep up your persistence?
  • Will you encourage someone this week by saying, “Come on friend, you can do it!”?
  • Will you read this link to see the best way to help children in success? http://www.sharecare.com/news/praise-kids-for-efforts

” Never, never give up. ”

Winston Churchill

The Power of Preschoolers will change your life…..if you let it.