“Does it have important words?”

I was at a preschool fair and got to see children get an Energizer Bunny encouraging them to be energized at our preschool. I heard one mother ask if he wanted her to read the words on the bunny. He said, “Mom, does it have important words? I want a bunny that I can share with the new puppy. Does it have words that say “Dogs LOVE to play with this”? Words like that are really important.”


Everyone has different needs and sees different things as important. At a preschool fair, parents walk around and look at dozens of schools all trying to vie for their attention. Each school has a little different flavor, emphasis, cost and time provided. The choices can be overwhelming for parents. I heard a parent in the hallway share that he could pay more for his two year old’s education at one school than his own first year of college. Choosing a preschool can be a daunting task.

We can be given lists of what to look for in a good preschool. Things like class size, licensing standards, teacher qualifications, curriculum choices, risk management plans and discipline policies are all very important to look at and understand. However, we also have to always look at the schools from the child’s perspective and what he or she is truly wanting and needing to get out of his day.

While we are busy thinking about academic preparedness, our child can be thinking about his favorite new puppy and how to love him. Life’s needs are a bigger span than any of us can really realize. We all are energized through different things. While some of us love to read, others like do art projects, others like to build things and others like to find friends and pretend they are all in the kitchen baking together. Good schools will honor all of the things children love to do. By honoring the wiring of the child, they are in essence energizing them.

Children who are energized will be happier, healthier and easier to get along with. Children have a natural form of energy that when used in the right form can change the world they live in. Adults also have this same energy although we have often dismissed it. Parents walk around tired and dragging and often missing out on the zest for living that a preschooler has. They have more commitments that often leads to more confinements and makes it harder to remember that sometimes a new puppy needs to have fun with a new toy.

  • What things drain energy from you?
  • What are things that pour energy into you?
  • What are some ways we can be more like a preschooler and enjoy our energy with others? 
  • What are some important words that you need to hear or share with others?

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.”
Paulo Coelho

P.S. The last blog post was about decluttering. Last week I received 21 stuffed Energizer Bunnies, and I will gladly say they have been kept from a landfill or a lonely basement and given new homes. Sometimes decluttering can bring energy to long forgotten things. Maybe you have something you can gift someone else today. If you can’t find “something”, than share some important words.