Will you blow away in the wind?

It was so windy this week, I asked a preschooler, “Do you think you will blow away with all this wind?” She looked at her little body, and said, ” I think I have too much inside of me to blow away.”

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

All people have things that ground us, things that keep us who we want to be. As I write this, I am on an airline flying to the Windy City from Las Vegas. Las Vegas is full of interesting people with thoughts, actions, clothes and words that are unique to my everyday life loving preschoolers.

Two men next to me on the plane have diamond studded watches, designer gift bags and electronic equipment worth more than the rental car I just returned. They were practicing rapping with each other while making up gestures with their tattoo filled arms and hands.

On the other side of me are young parents with an infant daughter. Their seats are filled with toys, a special blanket with an attached pacifier, a bottle and baby music with finger plays to entertain. The husband was returning from a business trip and did not want to miss time away from his young family. His face was proud as he shared with others the accomplishments his infant could do in her short seven months of life.

I’m not judging either side of this airplane, but I am definitely more comfortable with one side of the plane than the other. I cannot speak to which side is more grounded. Luckily choosing who is grounded or not will never be my job.

Speaking of grounded……the pilot just announced that we will need to stay on the ground a bit due to some excessive winds. Apparently the plane’s insides are not big enough to not let us blow away. I am thankful for pilots who keep us grounded when we need to be yet let us fly high when the time is right.


  • What grounds you?
  • What elements are weighty enough inside of you to help you stay your course?
  • When you see others who have chosen different values, what can you do to remain grounded in your own values while accepting other’s choices?

My hope for all is that your insides will always be too much to ever blow you off course.