“Is your daddy big?”

I sat by three preschoolers and asked them, “Is your Daddy big?” The first child said,  “My daddy is big enough to touch the basketball hoop.” Another child said, “My daddy is big enough to touch the ceiling fan, but mommy doesn’t like that.” The last boy shared, “My daddy does not touch tall stuff, but he has a heart big enough to love me and my mommy.”

My daddy has a big heart.

My daddy has a big heart.

All people have some opinion about how big their father is and what influence they will allow their father to have. Some carry wonderful loving memories. Some carry hurtful often bitter memories of what could and should have been. Others have no memories at all and wonder what it would be like to have a fond memory of a dad coming home and playing with them. The quantity or quality of our memories does not have to define our happiness.

All fathers are bigger than their children. All children are born small and need to look up to see their father. Tonight in America, 40% of the children will go to sleep in homes in which their father does not live. Never in America’s history have so many children grown up not knowing what it means to have a father. Never have we needed fathers more and seen them less.

The best fathers have the biggest hearts. The best children take the good from those hearts and let it multiply into their own lives. We may all want to have the best car, but that is not reality. Reality is we often have a car with a little dent, a spot of rust, something that needs fixing, yet we can be grateful we can have transportation. No one needs “the best” to be happy.

If you are a father reading this, know right now you will never be “the best” father, but you certainly can share a loving heart and strive for being a father who makes a positive difference. Celebrate this Father’s Day with renewed strength to show how big your heart is. Try not to scare anyone by getting hurt in a ceiling fan.

If you are a child of any age reading this, know right now you have or had a father with flaws, but that does not have to ever keep you from enjoying your day today. You own your today, and it is up to you to use your own heart to share with others. You are able to take any good from your father and combine it with any other ingredients you want and create the you you want to be. Your father may have started your creation, but you get to finish it. There is great power in that recipe.

  • If you could tell your father one thing today, what would it be?
  • Is your heart big enough to let go of any negative thought about fathers and look only at the good?
  • Will you take the time today to look for a father that may need encouraging and offer what you can?

“When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies out there. No matter how big and tall you are, people can always look up to you.