“What is decluttering?”

A  mother shared with her preschooler that she was going to a meeting about decluttering.  The child asked, “What is decluttering?” The mother explained she was going to learn about how to get rid of things she did not need anymore. The preschooler quickly went to the dad and said, “Dad, I need to stick with you because I think mom is going to a meeting to learn how to get rid of us!”


At the decluttering meeting this week sponsored by Lifetree Cafe, we learned that clutter is anything we don’t love, don’t need or don’t use. Our minds were on physical items and how to clear new spaces for the new year. However, these same concepts can be applied to people. We want to tell children we will love them forever, and we will never leave them, but sometimes things do change. Divorces happen. Deaths occur. We move across the country and leave good friends or family.

Sometimes it is right to let people leave from our lives. Abuse and neglect are not things to tolerate in a healthy life. We need to be strong and look at every physical thing and every breathing person and evaluate where they belong in our lives and how much of our heart they will occupy. Children and adults thrive on being loved, and the biggest gift you can give someone is a large place in your heart far from the clutter of anything to distract you.

Clutter is distracting. It takes us away from what we really value. It takes up space so that other things cannot fit. Less stuff can mean less to organize, less to clean and less to store which can give you more room to breathe. Less just may be the way to more. The trick is to calculate what are the right things to declutter from your life.

  • What are three things you truly value?
  • What can you do to show your loved ones that they will not be a casualty of you decluttering your life?
  • What are some things you really do need to let go of so that your loved ones have more room in your life?