“Who won the Super Bowl?”

I asked a preschooler, “Who won the Super Bowl?” He said, my mommy did. I asked how that happened and he said, “My mommy made some dip for the party and my daddy said, ‘Now THAT is a winner!’ Then everyone else at the party said, ‘Yes, that is a winner.'”

Now THAT'S a winner!

Now THAT’S a winner!

If you watched the Big Game, you would have seen two very amazing plays at the end. One was by a rookie player named Malcolm Butler who basically ended the game that was preceded by an amazing juggling catch by Jermaine Kearse on his back. With something as big as a Super Bowl game, it is a big deal for a team to win and receive a ring. It is also a big deal to be named MVP. It is also a big deal to walk away with the winning ball.

We look at the winning team and the players, but there are really more wins in a day than one team. One of the players, Richard Sherman has a girlfriend named Ashley Moss due to deliver a baby in a week. While the game was playing, she was helping grow a future living, breathing person. Wow, that sounds like a win to me. While the game was playing, there were four game officials reffing their first Super Bowl game, and I am sure their families felt that was a win to have them on the field. A 30 second Super Bowl advertisement could cost 4.5 million dollars. There are plenty of ad executives that are hoping their ad was a winner for their company. The National Retail Federation’s Super Bowl Spending survey estimates that 184 million viewers will have spent a combined $14.3 billion – an average of $77.88 – on food, gameday gear, decorations and TVs. Maybe the economy is one of the winners for this day. Pizzerias across the country expect a 35% increase in sales for Super Bowl Sunday. They definitely look at this day as a winning day for their business.

I am also thinking like my preschool friend that there are many, many mothers who were winners the day of the Super Bowl. They had children in the games. They had children in the stands watching. They had delicious dip they created for the party. Mom’s may never be in the NFL, but many are certainly in the Now Frequently Loved category.

As we think about all the commercials of the Super Bowl, this one was not one of them, but I think it is a winner. It may not deal with football, but I do think it honors all the moms out there who make a delicious dip for their families and are true winners in their children’s eyes.

  • Who do you think is a winner in your life?
  • Do you think the winners in your life think of themselves as winners?
  • What could you do this week to help someone recognize their winning attributes?