“Do you like soup?”

I sat with a two year old picking and poking at her soup and never really eating any of it. I asked, “Do you like soup?” She didn’t answer. She would try the soup and then play with some toys and then try again, but playing always seemed to win. Then ice cream was mentioned in the kitchen. She ran into the kitchen and hopped into her chair to devour a bowl of ice cream. She then had another little bowl and stirred and stirred it. To her surprise it started to quickly melt. She looked bright-eyed into the bowl and said, “YES! I DO like soup!”

What soup would you choose to eat?

What soup would you choose to eat?

Sometimes to really embrace something we need to make a little change in it. Variety is said to be the spice of life, and sometimes we need to try more spices. We are quick to say we don’t like to travel only to really mean we are a little scared of the flight there, or we tell others we don’t like Mexican food when all we have tried is a spicy burrito. We lump too much into one category and don’t let the flavors mix and morph into new tastes.

If we keep trying new things, we are bound to find the good in them. We need to not give up too quickly. The sweet taste of ice cream soup may just be waiting for us all.

  • Think of a something you do not like to do.
  • Now think of any small part of that activity that you could possibly enjoy.
  • Was thinking of a positive aspect of a disliked activity easy or hard for you, and what might that say about your ability to find sweet ice cream soup?

“A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” Abraham Maslow