“What kind of ring is that?”

I was taking a young three year old to the bathroom at school for the first time. He was very proud of his underwear and his ability to do things on his own. As we celebrated his success, he asked, “What kind of ring is that?” I shared, “That is my wedding ring, and my husband wears a wedding ring almost like it on his hand too.” The boy smiled and said, “I used to wet my pants a lot, but no one gave me a wetting ring.”

What kind of ring is that?

What kind of ring is that?

Getting fully potty trained is a big process.There are a lot of accidents on the way and perfection does not happen all at once. Even children who think they use the potty well will forget about it when the right friends come along or the temptation of a playground calls. Potty training takes practice, patience and the help of others.

This year, I celebrated my 33rd wedding anniversary. I can honestly say, marriage takes practice, patience and the help of others. It is not mastered all at once. We forget how to do it well when the distractions of life come our way. We get busy and we make mistakes that can be messy.

Being “marriage trained” will never mean we do not have accidents.  We will always have rain to walk through that may get us wet. However, we can proudly wear our wet wedding rings in any weather and not be fearful.

  • Do you have any positive or negative thoughts on people wearing wedding rings?
  • What parts of relationships do you think need the most training?
  • What good can come of getting wet?

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

Roger Miller

P.S. The diamond in the wedding ring setting is from my grandmother’s engagement ring that she almost never wore. She seemed to be afraid of getting it wet. Once in this setting, this diamond has been to multiple countries, dove deep under the sea as well as hiked up tall mountains, and enjoyed hot baths. I think it secretly likes getting wet…..do you?