“How was your Easter?”

I asked a preschooler, “How was your Easter?

He said. “Jesus got killed AGAIN! I feel sorry for him having to carry that heavy cross up the hill. It must be ‘esausting’!  Next year I want to tell him, ‘Come on Jesus Christ, you can do it! This year will be the year you do not get killed!'”

Keep trying. Don't give up!

I love this preschooler who is so full of confidence. He is hopeful he can encourage the Son of God to keep trying.

This child comes from a loving family that instills the quality of never quitting. They are a team together and let their children know that giving up is not an option. At four years old, this preschooler knows that not only can he keep trying for himself, he can encourage others. We all need someone like this in our lives. We need to keep trying and not give up.

We can often feel like a loser in life. People all around us have more things, closer relationships, better jobs and more money. None of that should change how we keep trying. We need to keep an attitude like this preschooler that will not give up even on an age-old story that has a concrete ending.

April 14th, 1434 was the day the first foundation stone was laid for St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Nantes, France. That cathedral was not completed for the next 457 years! We do not always have to know what our end result will be when we start something. We just can’t give up. We have to pass that same attitude on to the next generation so that they too can continue projects we may start. Even if it is “esauting”, we need to keep trying.

Come on friend, you can do it!

  • Who in your life encourages you when it doesn’t even make sense?
  • When in your life have you needed to persevere and not give up?
  • What challenge are you facing right now that you need to keep up your persistence?
  • Will you encourage someone this week by saying, “Come on friend, you can do it!”?
  • Will you read this link to see the best way to help children in success? http://www.sharecare.com/news/praise-kids-for-efforts

” Never, never give up. ”

Winston Churchill

The Power of Preschoolers will change your life…..if you let it.